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Aviva Bannerman, MA, LPC

Aviva Bannerman, MA, LPC


(970) 673-0846

Practitioner Bio

You’re working on yourself in so many ways, but real change isn’t happening. You have a strong desire to build a life that feels authentic and aligned, but deep-seated issues are holding you back. As a body-centered psychotherapist, I will lead you toward the roots of your issues so that you no longer manage them, but you resolve them for good. Our work will dare you to face your past turmoil and contact your inner wisdom, which can open you to a transformative process of change.

I offer somatic psychotherapy, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and psychedelic integration sessions. My work centers around your experience, helping you move deeper into your feelings, inhabit your body more fully, and process the unconscious material that’s been keeping you stagnant. I love to talk about my work - call or email for more information if you’re ready for change!


Trauma Work, Therapy, Somatic Therapies, Ketamine

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