Cody Wiggs, MA, LPC

Cody Wiggs, MA, LPC


Practitioner Bio

My approach to counseling is a unique blend of mindfulness, somatic trauma resolution, and an eclectic mix of gestalt, attachment-informed, and transpersonal work. My areas of focus include: Somatic re-exposure therapy for trauma & PTSD, Mind-body approaches, yogic & meditative practices, Men's work, Embodiment & Leadership coaching, and intimacy coaching. I seek to create transformation rather than treat symptoms. By re-establishing the mind-body connection and learning to trust the intelligence of your own nervous system you can heal old wounds and re-invent your relationship to your self, others, and the world in the present moment.

When indicated, I partner with a psychiatric nurse practitioner to offer integrative therapy inclusive of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. This modality is a safe and highly effective treatment for PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and anxiety - often with immediate symptom relief and shortened duration of therapy.


Ketamine-assisted Therapy