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Jennifer Tippett, Psy.D.

Jennifer Tippett, Psy.D.


(720) 295-2759

Practitioner Bio

I'm a licensed psychologist and faculty member at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology. I have worked in the Denver Metro area for several years, as well as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. During my years of clinical experience, I came to realize that traditional models of therapy were less efficient than I or my clients wanted them to be. I became focused on finding methods of collaborating with clients to help them quickly recognize their patterns, make sense of the pattern's origins, and re-write the stories that maintain them.

I am trained in and provide psychedelic preparation and integration. My areas of expertise include trauma, addiction, and self-actualization. As the Director of the Substance Use Disorder Specialty, I train graduate students in the neurobiology of trauma and attachments, and how this becomes disorders of self-regulation (like addiction). I also serve as a clinical supervisor for students seeing their own clients. My research interests includes the use of psychedelic substances as a valid treatment for mental health concerns, as well as personal growth and enhancement.


Therapy, Ketamine, Addictions, Trauma Work

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