Ketamine is presently the only legally available "psychedelic" medicine (other than cannabis) for clinical use. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug with a lengthy history of safe use in medicine, with reports of its potential antidepressant effects going back to the 1970s. At doses lower than that used for anesthesia, ketamine can facilitate psychedelic (i.e., "mind-revealing") experiences ranging from a trance-like state or feeling of openness to a full out-of-body experience. Research has shown that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy may be beneficial for some people experiencing depression, PTSD, and other mood-related distress. It is also used in clinical practice for existential distress, psychological reactions to physical or life-threatening illnesses, problematic substance use, and bipolar depression.


After being seen by our partnering psychiatrist to determine if ketamine might be right for you, we can support you in the process of preparing for, guiding, and integrating your ketamine-assisted therapy sessions. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can be a powerful tool for accessing the answers, awareness, and insights you are seeking. Our aim in offering this work is to make it accessible and affordable for all who might benefit from it. If finances are a significant barrier for you, schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how we might be able to work within your financial means.


The effects of ketamine and its long-term effectiveness depends on many factors, including dose, route of administration, frequency of sessions, set and setting, proper preparation and integration, and the quality of relationship between you and your therapist. Our partnering psychiatrist will consult with you about whether ketamine-assisted therapy might be indicated for your particular life situation and, if so, the recommended dose, frequency, and route of administration. 

The psychedelic effects of ketamine may enhance traditional psychotherapy for some people. Depending on dose, ketamine can offer a moment of relief from the ordinary mind and entrenched patterns of negative thinking. It can allow an openness to a more expansive self, or as described by some, a 30,000 foot view of your life. In the process of integration, which we believe is an essential piece of the ketamine encounter, we work together to anchor the insights gained from your encounter to your regular waking life. Our role in this to provide a space of comfort, compassion, safety, and presence; allowing you to explore the dimensions of your self and be the expert of your own inner journey.  


Schedule a free 25-minute initial consultation by phone with Dr. Rob Colbert. We aim to make therapy accessible and affordable to all who might benefit from it. Please schedule a consultation with us to explore how we might be able to work within your financial means.


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