A variety of tools, including medicines and drugs of many kinds, can be useful for moving through life, particularly in transitional moments. These same tools can also pose risks and harms if not invited in with intention and proper support. Research evidence clearly demonstrates the myriad potential benefits and harms of both prescribed behavioral health drugs and recreational psychedelic drugs.

We offer education and integration support for all kinds of drug-related experiences and can assist you in your process of weighing the pros and cons of starting, continuing, or stopping a medication or drug. Our work extends beyond the drug itself, to a focus on you as a whole person who is navigating life choices and questions of identity and meaning.


Are you looking for a therapist who is well-informed about the benefits and risks of psychedelics? We provide individualized education and support according to your unique needs. This can include integrating prior psychedelic experiences, exploring your motivations and desire to use psychedelics for therapeutic and/or recreational purposes, or clarifying choices around using or continuing to use psychedelics. We can collaborate with your physician or refer you to our partnering prescriber to explore whether ketamine-assisted psychotherapy might be right for you.


We also work with people who have all types of drug-related experiences, extending beyond psychedelics. Are you looking for someone who can explore your use of or experiences with prescribed psychiatric medications? Have you had forced or pressured drug experiences from family or the mental health system? Have you been involved in the mental health system and are now considering or re-considering your self-identity, paths forward, or your use of prescribed medications?

We operate outside of conventional paradigms that involve applying diagnoses to mental and emotional distress, and are open to supporting your own process of meaning-making in whatever direction it takes you. We further understand the process of discontinuing prescribed psychiatric drugs can be difficult and, for some people, can come with debilitating withdrawal effects. We offer strategies and support in times of intense transition, as you move through painful physical and emotional symptoms and begin a journey of re-discovering who you are in the absence of medicines or drugs.


In our group-based psychotherapy program, we explore our relationships with ourselves and our use of drugs or medicines in a supportive interpersonal space. Some group members may have their own experiences with psychedelics or prescription drugs, while others are coming to learn and reflect on what role, if any, these drugs might play in their lives.


Group sessions focus on sharing experiences, personal insights and lessons learned, while also creating space for members to integrate challenging experiences with drugs or medicines into their lives.


Check back here for upcoming dates for our group program.

For spiritual coaching or psychosocial support specific to coming off of prescribed psychiatric medications, you can schedule a time here to meet with Dr. Shannon Hughes.

For individual therapy or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Rob ColbertYou can also explore our community of practitioners across Northern Colorado who work in a variety of therapeutic modalities.


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