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Dylan Rivard, MA, LPC

Dylan Rivard, MA, LPC


(720) 633-4311

Practitioner Bio

Feeling lost? Waking up each day you find yourself bored, a little defeated, knowing things could be better but life gets so overwhelming. You try some things here and there, might have even had a few peak experiences, but life just seems to keep pulling you back into feeling empty and listless. You feel stuck. And despite everything you've tried, you just seem to stay stuck.

If any of this sounds familiar, I can help. I specialize in an experiential approach to therapy. We won't just talk about change, I can help you experience it directly. Working with me you discover a different way of being inside of yourself. Whether you are looking to overcome an overwhelming anxiety, or are interested in deepening your spiritual self, I can help you create and establish practices that will keep you connected to yourself. Let me help you become your own best ally.


Therapy, Trauma Work, Somatic Therapies, Ketamine, Spirituality

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