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"We're all just walking each      other home."
 -Ram Dass
"Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk."
-Antonio Machado

Our observations of the shortcomings of current helping and healing systems, coupled with a major resurgence of psychedelic research, have ignited our activist-healer and activist-educator orientations.

We see a need to stitch together a community of healers and practitioners who operate independently from conventional systems of care and hold an alternative set of values about human distress and healing.

We have observed conventional systems of care overly medicalizing the human experience of distress and pain, and offering one-size-fits-all, quick-fix solutions that narrowly focus on symptom management.

We aim to open up possibilities for people to explore the many different paths within which healing happens, including the use of psychedelic medicines, and to situate power back to individuals as the expert and source of their own healing.

We believe in the power of human relationship to connect and support us through transition and murky waters. Medicines and drugs can further open us, repress us, nourish us, or deplete us. It is our relationship to medicine and the support around us to integrate powerful medicine experiences that can move us toward accessing an enduring love

  • Creative Collaboration: We are committed to collaborating with you and, as preferred, other people and professionals, to creatively address what’s important to your life. We start wherever you’re at and go wherever you need to go, as you are the expert of your own experience. In a non-judgmental space of exploration, creative collaboration allows us to see obstacles as opportunities and the unworkable become workable. 

  • Embracing Ambiguity: We honor life as messy and acknowledge that no one among us has this all figured out. We value ambiguity, not knowing, and uncertainty as opportunities for clarity, choice, compassion, and greater connection. Even in the midst of messiness, confusion, or our deepest grieving, we are whole and can find our way to an enduring love.

  • Relational Healing: We value relationships as the “space between” within which healing happens. We see ourselves as being in relationship to all things, that is, to people, to objects, to concepts and ideas, to our bodies, to spirituality, and to Self. It’s never too late to access greater connection with any of the relationships that matter to our lives.

  • Transformational Tools: We remain open-minded about the use of a variety of tools to aid the process of exploration, discovery, choice, and ultimately, the transformation of our lives. In particular, humans have used psychoactive substances for millennia as transformational tools for ceremony, accessing connection, gaining clarity and insight, and much more. We believe that today too these substances can serve as powerful openings into growth, healing, and connecting with an enduring love.


Shannon Hughes


  • Spiritual Life Coach

  • Education & Training Facilitator

Rob Colbert


  • Transpersonal Psychotherapist

  • Education & Training Facilitator 

  • Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapist

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