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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or a sense of despair that keeps you feeling stuck?

Are you searching for a different approach to therapy, with a different kind of therapist?

Are you ready for new possibilities and a path forward?

Compassionate Support for the Difficulties of Life

The truth of being human is that we will inevitably experience both joy and pain, meaning and meaninglessness, opportunity and loss, and a full wide spectrum of emotional and psychological states. The intensity of our pain and difficulties can make us feel entirely stuck, paralyzed, or unable to find our sense of choice for changing our lives. Depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and dissatisfaction with work or career can sometimes hit in big moments of intense despair, or as an always-present nagging cloud of not-enoughness. 


There must be more to this life, but what is it? When all we see or feel is darkness and despair, life can seem pointless. In fact, emotional and psychological distress -- from mild situational distress to chronic, severe, intense distress -- is quite common. You are not alone in your difficulties. At An Enduring Love, we offer compassionate support to witness and validate your lived experiences and to create pathways for choice, skill development, and new possibilities.  


Psychological and emotional distress can also result from life transitions like graduating from college or changing careers, significant loss, repressing your authentic self, unexpressed creative power, “waking up” to your life in new ways, uncertainty about who you are or who you want to be, and continuing to hang onto old patterns, habits, and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.


Beyond our individual patterns, traumas, and uncertainties about life, we are also impacted emotionally and psychologically by the world around us. Things we experience in the world beyond our individual control, such as political unrest, environmental destruction, and systems of oppression, can be very real sources of our own internal struggle and despair. Nothing about this work of being human is simple or without complexity. At An Enduring Love, we value the exploration of ourselves as complex, multi-faceted individuals. While there are no easy answers to life’s difficulties, there is discovery, choice, renewal, and possibility. Our team at An Enduring Love is committed to walking alongside you in the lightness and in the dark, with compassion and acceptance for all of who you are.


A Different Kind of Therapy

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, relationship or career problems, or confusion about what life holds for you, An Enduring Love offers a different kind of therapy. Rather than put labels onto your pain and distress, we listen, validate, and reflect for you what the underlying roots of your pain might be and work together to open up possibilities for creating life anew. Whether you are experiencing situational distress because of a relationship break-up or loss, or more extreme distress like hearing voices that you’ve not been able to talk about openly before, we maintain openness, curiosity, and a holistic lens to explore and make meaning of your unique experiences. Regardless of what other therapists, doctors, or mental health professionals have told you about your pain and distress, at An Enduring Love we start right where you are with great respect that your experiences are valid and meaningful. Our aim is to compassionately facilitate the process of self-exploration, self-expression and making meaning of intense or difficult experiences so that you can show up to life free to be exactly who you are.

Practitioners at An Enduring Love offer an individualized combination of talk therapy, spiritual coaching, mentorship, and psychedelic-assisted therapies -- all designed to engage your unique path to healing and, ultimately, to help you create the life you truly want to be living. You may not see the possibilities from where you are, but as we walk together, the possibilities for something different -- to feel differently, to be in relationships differently, to express yourself differently, to understand your experiences differently -- will show up with clarity. Sometimes it happens in big leaps and moments of epiphany, but more often it happens in small moments as you begin to recognize yourself as an active participant in your own healing and growth.

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Schedule and Fees for Psychotherapy

Research suggests that anywhere from 8 to 15 sessions of talk therapy are recommended to experience the most benefits. The frequency and number of sessions is entirely individualized based on your unique needs and goals. One hour therapy sessions range $110-$140. If you experience financial hardship, please contact us to discuss sliding scale options. It is important to us that the work we do reaches the people who are really ready to engage in a different kind of therapy, regardless of your income status. 

Some clients choose to engage talk therapy alone, while others might choose to work with our therapist and spiritual coach together. Our journeys change over time, as we change, so it is fully expected that you may outgrow therapy and move into a coaching relationship with us. We can also discuss combining therapy or coaching with ketamine experiential sessions, for more comprehensive support for your particular life situation. At An Enduring Love, we are open to working collaboratively and innovatively to fully meet your unique needs and preferences.

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