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Rob Colbert



As a Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor (LPC-S), Dr. Rob Colbert specializes in working with young adults, persons experiencing major life transitions, and persons using or considering using psychoactive substances. Specialties include working with non-ordinary states of consciousness such as hearing voices or having visions; integrating drug experiences (prescription or recreational); learning new ways of choice through personal exploration; working with and through experiences of the past that may have been emotionally charged or disturbing; and discovering life transitions as opportunity for exploration and growth.

Dr. Colbert is trained to work in collaboration with medical prescribers to support Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for recommended clients. He is currently serving as a consultant and study therapist with Journey Colab for clinical trials investigating the use of MDMA assisted psychotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). He is an Associate Consultant with Lykos therapeutics, and provides mentorship of new therapists completing training in the MAPS protocol for MDMA assisted therapy. In his practice, he uses a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Existential and Gestalt psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Guided Meditation techniques. 


Dr. Colbert earned a Bachelor of Arts in Contemplative Psychology in 2008, and a Master of Arts Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in 2012. His studies at Naropa focused on alternative approaches to medical psychiatry, adolescent and young adult development, sexuality and queer identities, and experiential approaches to psychotherapy. In 2018 he completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology and Social Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Dr. Colbert's research explored the experiences of adult couples who use MDMA recreationally and the perceived benefits of MDMA use on their relationships. The cognitive-relational model of MDMA use that emerged from this research suggests that individuals can make healthful choices about their drug use in recreational contexts and experience sustained benefits to relationships in their lives. 


Finally, as a social artist, Dr. Colbert is passionate about professional education and training, community organizing, and acting as a social change agent. He is a founding member of the Nowak Society, a nonprofit that supports people and communities in building empowered relationships with psychedelic medicines, and he helped co-found the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute in Fort Collins in 2019. 


If you are a young adult, age 17-26, looking for a different kind of therapy, Dr. Rob offers a special counseling package for you! Register with Open Path Collective to receive a sliding scale discount. Learn how to trust yourself and become the expert of your own experience. Real guidance, real strategies, and real connection in a non-judgmental space. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Rob here.

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