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A new approach to the use of psychoactive drugs and medicines for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and healing is beckoning. Health and healing practitioners from all backgrounds are hearing the call of a new paradigm that brings renewed possibilities for healing trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, spiritual distress, relationships, and more, with the profound insight and aid of psychedelic medicines. So too are health professionals and administrators in behavioral health systems recognizing the limitations of the decades-long approach to drug therapy based on suppressing or long-term management of unwanted thoughts and feelings. For many clients who struggle intensely, the best hope professionals can offer is a marginal level of functioning accompanied by indefinite daily psychiatric medication use.


Both clients and practitioners yearn for what more is possible.

The exciting news is that things are changing, and rapidly.


Healthcare providers -- whether in a complex system of care or in individual private practice -- have the opportunity to be part of “what’s next” by learning more about and inviting in new paradigms and practices.

  • How do we shift our long-held thinking about mental illness, as it has been defined by western medical systems, the DSM, and pharmaceutical companies?

  • How do we open to different possibilities for the type of healing we can witness and help facilitate as practitioners?

  • How do we understand the use of psychoactive medicines and drugs differently than has ever been taught to us before?

  • How do we challenge our own assumptions, biases, and insecurities, and expand our ability to step into healing relationships with clients differently?

  • How do we get started with incorporating psychedelic-assisted therapies or integration into our own therapy practice?

This is about breaking the mold of what’s always been done and how things have always been, and re-claiming our power, creativity and possibility for meaningful healing and expansion as practitioners and communities.

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Our practitioners at An Enduring Love have the expertise and experience to help you or your group of health and healing practitioners to embrace the renewed possibilities you are seeking in your practice. In addition to psychedelic therapy workshops, An Enduring Love offers professional consultation and customized training to help you or your group stay on top of the advancements happening in the mental health field, particularly as it relates to psychedelic therapy and other topics in psychopharmacology.


Professional consultation might cover topics including, but not limited to:


  • Psychedelic education and harm reduction

  • The philosophies, approaches, and skills of psychedelic-assisted therapies

  • Setting up your psychedelic-assisted therapy practice

  • Transpersonal psychedelic therapy 

  • Integration for psychedelic and altered states experiences


Practices in Mental Health and Psychiatric Drug Use

  • Suppressive and evocative models of psychoactive drug use in mental health

  • Minimizing harms and maximizing benefits of prescribed psychiatric medications through monitoring, advocacy, and asking the right questions

  • Supporting clients who discontinue or are in withdrawal from prescribed medications, such as antidepressants

  • De-medicalizing mental health practice with alternative ways of understanding distressing experiences, such as hearing voices or responding to suicidality

  • Healing-centered engagement as a step beyond trauma-informed care



  • Harnessing intuition as a tool in your therapy or coaching practice

  • Integrating spirituality into your practice

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