Psychedelics can serve as powerful tools to aid our inner healing and growth, but let us not forget the healing power of connecting with others in community. Community is the container that can hold our grief, pain, and darkness, as well as our insights, laughter, and light. At An Enduring Love, we strongly believe in the power of community to access a lasting sense of connection within and between ourselves and the world. Our psychedelic therapy and peer support groups below combine the tool of ketamine-assisted therapy with a strong group space so that we may engage our healing work, together, in community.

Psychedelic Women's Circle for Therapists and Healing Guides

A psychedelic women's circle for health and mental health professionals, therapists, and healing guides experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue and/or considering career transitions. This women's circle combines three sessions of ketamine-assisted group therapy with ceremony, spiritual exploration, and a powerful group container to re-set and re-imagine ourselves as health and healing practitioners. 


Read more about our group facilitators:

Dori Lewis, MA, Ed.M, LPC

Carrie Haynes Sharp, LPC

Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD

This group consists of 10 sessions over 7 weeks, with the next offering starting on September 6, 2022. 

Veterans' Psychedelic Therapy & Peer Support Group

For veterans struggling to re-adjust or grappling with moral injury, relationship problems, depression, or spiritual distress, and seeking an alternative healing modality. This is a veterans-only group space using ketamine as a psychedelic tool for inner exploration, growth, and healing.

Read more about our group facilitators:

Rob Colbert, MA, PhD, LPC

Mark Cunningham


The next 2022 offering of this 6-week group will be updated shortly. Please inquire below in order to be added to the waitlist for the next offering.

Booster Group for Existing Ketamine-assisted Therapy Clients
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Are you a current or recent client of ketamine-assisted therapy? If you are looking for an affordable way to continue your journey with ketamine-assisted therapy, please join us for our Ketamine-assisted Therapy Booster Group. These groups are an excellent way to connect with others similarly engaging their healing and growth journeys with the tool of ketamine. You are not alone, and our Booster Group can powerfully remind you of our connections to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Read more about our group facilitators:

Sandra Fortson, MSW, LCSW

Dori Lewis, MA, Ed.M, LPC

New dates for 2022 will be posted soon.