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Psychedelics can serve as powerful tools to aid our inner healing and growth, but let us not forget the healing power of connecting with others in community. Community is the container that can hold our grief, pain, and darkness, as well as our insights, laughter, and light. At An Enduring Love, we strongly believe in the power of community to access a lasting sense of connection within and between ourselves and the world. Our psychedelic therapy and peer support groups below combine the tools of psychedelics with a strong group space so that we may engage our healing work, together, in community.

Psychedelic Women's Circle for Therapists and Healing Guides

A psychedelic women's circle for health and mental health professionals, therapists, and healing guides experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue and/or considering career transitions. This women's circle is offered as a single night ceremony in a small group container of no more than six women, followed up with a virtual group integration call. Join us as we re-set and re-imagine ourselves as health and healing practitioners. 


Read more about our group facilitators:

Dori Lewis, MA, Ed.M, LPC

Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD

For more details, including upcoming circle dates and pricing, see the Psychedelic Women's Circle for Therapists and Healing Guides at Elemental Psychedelics.

In Fort Collins, 3pm-8pm. Women's circles usually fill up quickly. To get started, complete the interest form and optional screening using the link below. We will be in touch with you from there to confirm your space in an upcoming gathering. We hope to connect with you in circle soon!

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