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Psilocybin In Colorado Under Proposition 122

With the passing of Proposition 122 in 2022 in Colorado, psilocybin-assisted therapeutic services will be legally available in Colorado near the end of 2024 after the State has finalized the rules and regulations for licensed healing centers and licensed facilitators.


Proposition 122 also decriminalizes what is called "personal use" of psilocybin mushrooms. This means that it is no longer a criminal offense under State law to obtain, possess, or ingest psilocybin, effective immediately. Persons may also share or give away psilocybin mushrooms without remuneration (i.e., without payment) to persons who are at least twenty-one years of age.


Under new State law passed by Colorado voters in Proposition 122,

practitioners at An Enduring Love are unable to:

  • provide psilocybin-assisted therapy until the state of Colorado has finalized the licensing requirements for healing centers and facilitators, expected to be in late 2024.

  • sell psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

  • suggest or recommend that you use psilocybin mushrooms for therapy or any other purposes.


Under new State law, we are able to:

  • offer counseling, spiritual guidance, and support services for your personal use of psilocybin.

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Hear more about Proposition 122 from Dr. Shannon Hughes on the Back From the Abyss podcast episode: Psilocybin Comes to Colorado

What is Psilocybin and How is it Used?

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Psilocybin is a naturally occurring substance found in certain species of mushrooms. These mushrooms have a very long history of ceremonial use among indigenous populations, particularly in Mexico and Central America where they are called “the flesh of the gods.” Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been found to grow all over the world and evidence suggests they have been used in various ways among humans for hundreds, or more likely thousands, of years.

In October 2018, psilocybin was designated a “breakthrough therapy” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment-resistant depression. It is currently undergoing clinical testing for eventual legal use for this condition. Major research institutes, including Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Harbor-UCLA School of Medicine, and the Heffter Research Institute, among others, have also conducted rigorous studies of classic hallucinogens, like psilocybin and LSD, for end of life depression and anxiety. In a major study by researchers at New York University, 29 patients with life-threatening cancer were given a single moderate dose of psilocybin with psychotherapy. Patients reported an immediate reduction in anxiety and depression, and 60-80% of patients reported sustained improvement at 6 months. At follow-up, 70% of patients reported the psilocybin session was among the top five most personally meaningful experiences of their lives.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine conducted a similar study, administering 51 patients a single high dose psilocybin session with therapeutic support. Patients again reported large and sustained decreases in depression and anxiety, as well as increased optimism, death acceptance, and life meaning. Researchers link these therapeutic improvements to the mystical-type experience that psilocybin can produce. In interviews with study participants, patients shared experiences of coming to new understandings of death and dying, a sense of interconnectedness or unity with all things, and reconnecting with a sense of aliveness and belonging. The most common adverse effects reported in these studies were headache, nausea, transient anxiety, and elevated blood pressure and heart rate. All adverse effects were described as tolerable and no signs of serious harm or addiction were observed.

Psilocybin is under clinical investigation for its efficacy in treating depression, treatment-resistant depression, end of life distress, obsessive compulsive disorder, cluster headaches, and various addictions. Anecdotal evidence suggests psilocybin may be useful for a range of chronic mental health and physical health conditions, at both macro and micro doses, but much research remains to be done to definitively speak to its full range of potential applications. At An Enduring Love, we believe psilocybin has potential to be useful for people who are in patterns of stuckness, depression, disconnection, or spiritually in search for something greater.

Our Approach to Support Services for Personal Use of Psilocybin

While we are unable to sell psilocybin-containing mushrooms or provide psilocybin therapy under Colorado's new state law until the licensing rules are finalized, we are able to offer counseling and spiritual guidance for your personal use of psilocybin (under the decriminalization of "personal use" clause in Proposition 122).


Our approach to supporting personal use of psilocybin focuses on safety and relationship between you and the practitioner. You might find that some practitioners offer one-time "sitting" services for personal use of psilocybin, which often entails little preparation, education, follow-up, or relationship between you and the sitter. At An Enduring Love, we strive to hold the transformational promise of your personal psilocybin work with great integrity and depth of spirit. Your physical and spiritual safety is of utmost importance to us as you dive into the depths of your own being in a journey of self-exploration and healing. For these reasons and more, we only work with persons in the context of an ongoing therapeutic or coaching relationship. 


There are no quick fixes for our suffering. For some people, psilocybin can be a big experience, an important experience, even a transformative experience, but it is rarely easy, quick, clear, and without a lot of personal work and readiness required. We believe deeply in the value of psilocybin as an important medicine for some people and we deeply honor the journey of a thousand steps that you are on, wherever you find yourself at in this particular moment of life. As it feels called, the medicine of psilocybin and your personal journey may meet. At An Enduring Love, we strive to support your own physical, emotional, and spiritual readiness for that meeting and for the work that follows of building the life you truly desire to live.

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