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Have you “done therapy” and feel like you’re ready to move on to something more?


Do you feel “different” in the world and want to find ways to be okay, maybe even happy, in the world as it exists?


Are you looking toward your future and ready to figure out what that could look like for you?

When You're Ready for the Next Step

Maybe you’ve arrived at a place where you feel like you’ve processed through your biggest traumas and stuck patterns and you’re ready to move on. But, move on to what? While therapy can be an excellent method to work with the past (for example, processing past trauma or unresolved inner or external conflict), coaching and mentorship looks to the future. Who do you want to be? What are you working towards in life? How can you be the best YOU possible in your relationships? How do you set yourself up for success, with whatever forms of success are meaningful to you? 

Maybe you’re a young adult, under age 29, and are looking for guidance that goes beyond traditional talk therapy. Someone who “gets” you, won’t judge you, and can share concepts and practices that can help you build your life as an independent adult. Whether you are clear on exactly the life you want for yourself or you have no idea what you’re even doing tomorrow, our practitioners at An Enduring Love can offer the support, guidance, and mentorship from right where you’re at.  

This is no longer about applying psychological theories or treatments to intense depression, anxiety, or other problems. This is about engaging in an equal, productive relationship where we look toward the future for how to create and sustain a satisfying life worth living. 

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Are you Ready to Start Building the Life you Really Want for Yourself?

At An Enduring Love, we believe that every person is an expert of their own unique experience. Through a coaching relationship we encourage you to continue developing the skills already present in your life and tune into your innate wisdom for building success in your life. Remember too, “success” does not always mean being rich or making lots of money. We want to explore what your definition of success is. Maybe success to you means living a life where you get to be creative, having a secure relationship where you give and receive love freely, or building your way toward the job of your dreams.  The coaching and mentor relationship is a natural next step for anyone ready to move beyond traditional talk therapy. Our practitioners assist you in stepping into your pursuit of a life built on your own abilities to create health, wellness, and success, however you measure it.


Life skills coaching at An Enduring Love is especially designed for young adults ages 18-29. Our program aims to create an open and expressive relationship that balances opportunity and responsibility through social and life skills education. Life skills coaching sessions often take place in real-world living environments and are designed specifically for the life stage needs of young adults. This is not typical therapy, and not like what you might find anywhere else. We provide an individualized coaching approach for young adults that may include volunteer opportunities, community networking, education and vocational support, real world skills such as budgeting, healthy meal planning and shopping, cooking, self care, career planning, goal setting, and recreation. We understand transitions in life to be turning points full of opportunity for growth, clarity, and success. We believe coaching is what transforms these turning points into skills and practices for a lifelong path of self discovery, awakening, and integrity. 

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The Value of Good Mentorship

Practitioners at An Enduring Love know the value of good mentorship. We have the first-hand experience of building our own lives, passions, and careers with the aid of mentors who saw our strengths and encouraged our continual growth. Similar to coaching, mentorship can be an ongoing relationship that is future-oriented and growth-minded. Mentorship, though, may have an additional focus that our practitioners, in particular, are well-suited to support you with. For example, we offer mentorship to young adults or anyone moving through a transitional time, trying to figure out what the next move in life is. We specialize in mentoring individuals who think differently or have ideas that disrupt the status quo, but need some encouragement and validation to keep going with ideas that are not traditional or mainstream. This could include social artists, community activists, grassroots organizers, entrepreneurs, writers, or anyone interested in carving out a different path for themselves. You do not have to live life the same as everyone around you. You can be different, you can be YOU. In fact, the world needs you to be you, but the world is not set up to encourage that kind of authenticity and self-expression. This is the value of good mentorship in your life: validation, encouragement, skill development, and someone who can really see who you are and support you in coming to know yourself in bigger and bigger ways. 

Schedule and Fees for Coaching & Mentorship

Life skills coaching and mentorship is intended to continue as an ongoing relationship anywhere from a few months to a full year or more. Packages for coaching and mentorship are individualized based on your unique needs, with a mix of 30 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute office sessions and real-world sessions available. At An Enduring Love, we aim to make this work affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to engage and commit to a coaching and mentorship relationship. Please contact us about sliding scale options.

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