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...if you are looking for a therapist who is well-informed about the benefits and risks of psychedelics...


...if you are searching for non-judgmental support to process your past experiences with psychedelics or other psychoactive medicines... 

...if you are ready for real education and honest conversation around psychoactive drugs and medicines... 

A Different Kind of Therapy with An Enduring Love might be for you.

Psychedelic Support Tailored to Your Needs

A variety of tools, including medicines and drugs of many kinds, can be useful for moving through life, particularly in intense, difficult, or transitional moments. These same tools can also pose risks and harms if not invited in with honest information and proper support. Research evidence clearly demonstrates the myriad potential benefits and harms of both prescribed behavioral health drugs - such as antidepressants, stimulants, and antipsychotics - and recreational psychedelic drugs - such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and DMT.

An Enduring Love offers education and integration support for all kinds of drug-related experiences. This can include integrating prior psychedelic experiences, exploring your motivations and desire to use psychedelics for therapeutic and/or recreational purposes, or clarifying choices around using or continuing to use psychedelics. Our practitioners can assist you in your individualized process of weighing the pros and cons of starting, continuing, or stopping a medication or drug. This could include anything from discussing what a prescribed antidepressant means for you in your life, to processing the messages you have received from an Ayahuasca or mushroom ceremony. 


Psychedelic integration refers to the process of anchoring insights from an altered states experience into your regular waking life.  At An Enduring Love, we believe that integration is a key essential component to any psychedelic experience. If psychedelics provide us access to a slice of consciousness that is not routinely available to us, then anchoring what we learned from that opening of consciousness into our day-to-day life is the work that can help lead to meaningful and sustained positive change. Sometimes the insights gained from a psychedelic experience are clear and transformational right in the moment. Even more often, though, insights and meaning from psychedelic experiences are layered and can take time to fully process and put into practice. Alternatively, some people might have experienced a negative or particularly challenging psychedelic experience that leaves them scarred, confused and unclear, and unsure how to anchor any lessons learned back into waking reality. Here too psychedelic integration can be tremendously useful to make meaning of a so-called “bad trip” and bring clarity around how to move forward from there.


Psychedelic integration at An Enduring Love looks a lot like traditional talk therapy, though with a specific focus towards openly exploring and discussing your psychedelic experiences. Our practitioners are well-informed about a variety of psychedelics and altered states experiences, so you can trust that anything you bring will be received and held with compassionate support, acceptance, curiosity, and accurate information. We invite you to explore for yourself the added value of a deeper integration of your own psychedelic experiences. If you are currently experiencing problematic substance use that might need the support of a certified addictions counselor, An Enduring Love can refer you to practitioners in the community to reach out to.

Abstract Liquid

Prescribed Medications are Psychoactive Drugs Too

People often forget that prescribed psychiatric medications, such as antidepressants and stimulants, are mind-altering psychoactive drugs too. Many prescribed mental health drugs operate on the same, or very similar, neurotransmitter pathways in the brain as do psychedelic drugs. Despite their differences in legal status, prescribed mental health drugs and psychedelic drugs are all essentially psychoactive substances that alter our thinking, mood, and behavior. Practitioners at An Enduring Love are well-informed about the various uses of both prescribed psychiatric medications and psychedelic medicines, and can support you on your path to discovering your own relationship to drugs, medicines, and healing for your life. 


An Enduring Love works with people who have all types of drug-related experiences, extending beyond psychedelics. Are you looking for someone who can explore your use of or experiences with prescribed psychiatric medications? Have you had forced or pressured drug experiences from family or from professionals in the mental health system? Have you been involved in the mental health system and are now considering or re-considering your self-identity, paths forward, or your use of prescribed medications? Our work extends beyond the drug itself, to a focus on you as a whole person who is navigating life choices and questions of identity and meaning. 


If you are considering stopping a prescribed medication and looking for support through that process, learn more here about how An Enduring Love can help you navigate antidepressant or other psychiatric medication withdrawal. 

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Added Support for your Unique Journey

If you are already engaging in psychedelic medicine work, such as intravenous ketamine therapy or international psilocybin mushrooms retreats, and searching for a supportive therapist who you can continue integration with, schedule your free consultation with An Enduring Love today. At An Enduring Love, we are open to creative collaboration with any providers you are already working with, and can support you in maximizing the potential positive impact of psychedelic experiences in your life. 


Our practitioners at An Enduring Love realize that some ketamine therapy providers do a poor job of processing through a ketamine experiential, and might send you home without any real support or opportunity to integrate what happened during your ketamine experience. Integration is essential to producing lasting positive impact, and the lack of integration can actually be harmful for some people, leaving them fragmented and unclear about how to make sense of what they experienced. While An Enduring Love does offer ketamine-assisted therapy, our practitioners are also able to offer added integration support for you if you need a little more than you’re getting from your existing provider. 


More and more people, too, are accessing psychedelic experiences abroad, such as Ayahuasca retreats in Peru or psilocybin mushrooms retreats in Jamaica or Amsterdam. These can be powerful experiences, yet the profound clarity and support you felt while abroad might diminish in the days and weeks upon returning home. An Enduring Love offers support and integration in these instances too, to anchor these profoundly important and impacting psychedelic experiences into your life. This is the work that psychedelics can facilitate. The work does not end when the psychedelic trip ends, but rather continues as a unique journey of discovery, opportunities for application, and lasting personal growth.

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