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Are you navigating big life transitions and looking for solid grounding?

Are you searching for greater connection, deeper trust, and renewed clarity in your life?

Are you ready to create the life you truly desire to live?

At An Enduring Love, our spiritual coaching helps you connect with your own inner guidance and embark on the journey of creating the life you truly desire for yourself.

Why Spiritual Coaching?

We all want different things in life, but one thing we have in common is the very human need for true and lasting connection within ourselves and to the life we live. In fact, disconnection from ourselves and the world is a major root cause of psychological distress and interpersonal problems. Disconnection from our truest inner self can feel a lot like depression, anxiety, lack of energy, uncertainty, confusion, hopelessness, and questioning your purpose or the meaning of things. It can also look like dissatisfaction with work or career, problematic use of substances, and relationship problems. 


We need to feel connected to our inner creative power and the life energy that flows through us and out into the world to be expressed. We need to feel connected to the physical world around us and the mysterious interconnected world of all that is unseen and unknown. As we become more and more disconnected from these things, and are removed from our own intuition and inner guidance, we end up living a very limited version of our true self -- small, hiding, confused, depressed, and unsure how to make a move in a new direction. All the clarity and answers you are seeking are yours to have. At An Enduring Love, our spiritual coaching helps you connect with your truest inner self, learn how to recognize and trust your own inner guidance, and take steps in creating the life you truly desire for yourself.


A coaching relationship is meant to support you in stepping into the best, most powerful version of yourself you’ve yet to discover. Common goals of a coaching relationship are to:


  • Find clarity on what you desire for your life and to create paths towards it

  • Gain focus, direction, and intentionality for stepping into “what’s next” for your life and “who you are becoming”

  • Connect more deeply with a sense of spirituality or find your spiritual grounding

  • Discover your creative center and forms of authentic expression 

  • Bring new perspective to who you have been and who you want to be

  • Turn sources of inner struggle into sources of strength and possibility

  • Find balance, fullness, and fun in your life

  • Discover what it means for you to live your most powerful self

  • Come into new relationship with your body, mind, and intuition

  • Learn how to trust and partner with your own inner guidance to build the life you truly desire


What If I’m Not a “Spiritual” Person?

At An Enduring Love, our aim in spiritual coaching is to help you connect more deeply, clearly, and powerfully with your inner guidance system. You might call it inner wisdom, inner self, intuition, or Higher Self. There is no need to “be spiritual” in order to connect with your own inner wisdom. Our inner wisdom is there for each of us, at all times and without condition, to access and partner with, as much as we choose to listen to and trust it. 


Being “spiritual” means a lot of different things to different people. At An Enduring Love, we offer what we call practical spirituality, which requires no particular belief system or way of perceiving the world. While many people do find greater evidence of spiritual connectedness in their lives as they engage the coaching relationship, the goal is not necessarily to become “a spiritual person.”  For An Enduring Love, being spiritual looks like many things. It means feeling grounded in your body and your life, feeling centered and clear around questions of meaning and purpose, tapping into the creative fire that wants to be expressed through you in this life, and trusting your own inner guidance to the extent that you no longer feel the urge to look outside of yourself for answers. 

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How is Coaching Different from Therapy?

Coaching and therapy are quite different. Coaching is a relationship of equal partnership where you, the client, are viewed as a creative, resourceful, whole person capable of creating the life you truly desire. In contrast to conventional therapy in which many sessions might be spent processing your personal history, interpersonal conflicts, or past trauma, coaching is forward-looking and future-oriented.


Therapy involves treatment, diagnosis, testing, assessment, or counseling to assist individuals to alleviate mental illness, resolve conflicts, or modify behaviors that interfere with functioning. A coach does not assess your mental or emotional state and does not diagnose or treat mental illness. As an example of the difference, individuals sometimes seek out coaches because they feel they are in a stuck place in their lives. After coaching for a period of time, the hope is to feel movement and flow again within yourself as you gain clarity on what you really want and start creating paths towards it. If this stuck place does not seem to move after a period of time, it may be rooted in something else, like past trauma, that therapy is better suited to help with. At An Enduring Love, our spiritual coach and therapists can collaborate to meet clients’ unique needs and circumstances to provide the highest level of care and support.

Schedule and Fees for Spiritual Coaching

To maximize the potential benefits of a coaching relationship, a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions over a period of 4 to 6 months is recommended. The frequency and number of sessions is entirely individualized based on your unique needs and goals. Some clients might also choose to work with our therapist and coach together, or combine spiritual coaching with ketamine experiential sessions, for more comprehensive support for your particular life situation. 


Current fees for spiritual coaching can be viewed in our Schedule page. In our initial coaching session, we will establish a framework for understanding your unique gifts of receiving inner guidance and a baseline from which we will make a plan for moving forward. Our spiritual coach works within her own unique spiritual communication gifts to bring through written messages from your spirit guides. We further talk through together, with your spirit guides, anything that is important to your life right now with the aim of providing clarity, focus, and direction for moving forward toward your highest and best good.


For some, this initial session provides enough information to take action with, and no additional sessions are needed. Most people, though, enter into a coaching relationship from there, with a mix of in-depth 1-hour sessions and 30-minute “check-in” sessions every 2 to 4 weeks. Coaching clients are also welcome to attend our twice monthly Inner Guidance Drop-in Groups to connect with like-minded others in a supported, grounded space. All sessions can be done in-person at our office in Old Town, Fort Collins, or online via video conference software.

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