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Healing is a Process of Becoming. 

Schedule now to engage a deeper discovery of who you are becoming

and what more is possible in your life.


An Enduring Love is a community of independent practitioners who provide therapy, coaching, and support for individuals and families struggling major life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, new or shed identities, or other moments of significant upheaval in life, as well as spiritual exploration and growth. Our community of practitioners use traditional psychotherapy, spirituality, embodiment, and psychedelic therapies, including ketamine-assisted therapy, to process and integrate significant life experiences.


Our community is also grounded in the research evidence demonstrating the transformative power of psychedelic medicines as tools to explore life situations from a place of broader perspective and to evoke deeply enriching personal insights. From psychedelic substances to prescribed psychotropic medications, however, we are profoundly aware that many people are left to navigate their use of medicines and drugs on their own. Through education, integration, and ongoing support, we aim to serve as a comprehensive Colorado-based guide for those who are navigating major life transitions, experiencing significant distress, and using or considering using psychoactive substances of any kind.   


Preparation, integration, and guided support for your ketamine encounter.

Education and support for your personal use of psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushroom Support Services

Education, training, supervision and mentorship for professionals learning about or advancing their skills in psychedelic therapy.

June 5-9, 2024

Ketamine-assisted Therapy Training Immersive with Elemental Psychedelics

Sept 4-8, 2024

Ketamine-assisted Therapy Training Immersive with Elemental Psychedelics

“If the door of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

William Blake

Explore our community of independent practitioners dedicated to walking with you toward an enduring love.  

Please note that we do not provide psychoactive or illicit substances. We do not conduct or promote psychedelic psychotherapy outside of approved clinical trials and we do not provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services. An Enduring Love assists people who have had psychedelic experiences and are seeking support in connection with those experiences, as well as people who would like to learn more about psychedelics. We also offer informational resources and a support network for persons with a diagnosed terminal illness or life-threatening condition who may be eligible to legally possess and use certain psychedelic medicines under state and federal Right To Try Acts.

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