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Eleanor Hooper, MA

Eleanor Hooper, MA


The Makaranda Method

(503) 754-6246

Practitioner Bio

Eleanor Hooper has a holistic private practice called The Makaranda Method. Makaranda means nectar in Sanskrit. When clients apply to work with Eleanor, she asks, “Do you want to access the nectar of life?”

Eleanor specializes in working with people in nature. She also believes fully in the power of plant medicine, and psychedelic preparation & integration. Eleanor writes, “I believe plants are our greatest reflection. Plants are our innate access to medicine. Plants offer a unique wisdom that sustains and builds life. Plants are here to remind us of our interconnectedness. There is a fabric that all plants create and weave together and it is up to us to connect with our Mother, Earth, so we can fully heal.”

Eleanor is based in Denver, CO and works virtually with clients all over the world. If you are in Denver, you meet in her converted Sprinter can named Black Beauty.


Therapy, Non-western modality, Spirituality, Somatic Therapies, Ketamine

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