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Mara Holloway, MA, NLC, PCD

Mara Holloway, MA, NLC, PCD

Fort Collins

Mama Ojas

Practitioner Bio

Transpersonal healing takes place at the soul level, beyond the person. It recognizes that we are intricately connected; our liberation bound. As you heal yourself there is a ripple in the web that radiates seven generations ahead and behind. Your ancestors, descendants, and Source consciousness celebrate in your journey toward health and wholeness. It takes great courage and vulnerability to truly face oneself and heal at the root. ​And while you hold the key to your expansion, you don't have to walk this healing path alone. I provide a safe and supportive container so that you may uncover your own brilliant sanity and inner light. You have the power to heal yourself and along with Spirit, I can help you uncover that power. I offer past life regression, womb regression, shamanic journeying, and individualized ceremony and ritual with a container of safety, support, and groundedness.


Non-western modality, Spirituality

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