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Mark R. Cunningham, MS, LMFT CST

Mark R. Cunningham, MS, LMFT CST

Fort Collins

Adaptive Therapy


Practitioner Bio

Mark Cunningham (he, him) has been humbled & transformed by psychedelic medicines since 2014 after completing his former service as a Military Police officer and serving in Afghanistan. His experiences of moral injury & trauma from the military intersecting with childhood trauma shaped a drive to continue serving his community in a much more aligned way as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, & Psychedelic therapist with various training from MAPS (now Lykos) MDMA, Naropa Psychedelic Certificate Program & the Psychedelic Research & Training Institute. Mark is passionate about the potential for weaving psychedelics into relational healing for a tomorrow that is safer, more pleasurable, & more aligned with the health of all beings on this planet. Mark weaves his Gottman couples training & Attachment-based lens to serve relationships in gaining the skills and awareness to evolve as lovers. Mark serves veterans & first responders with & in his private practice and the general community. He has spoken for the VA on Moral Injury and worked in nature-based healing with and is passionate about healing collective trauma from war. Clients appreciate how Mark asks questions that inspire reflection and challenge maladaptive beliefs that are no longer serving them in addition to being affirming and supportive of their unique inner healing intelligence. Mark strives to find the unique balance with each person he serves between offering resources and tools attuned to clients' goals and concerns while remaining open to organicity. Mark also loves slacklining, paddle boarding, EDM dancing, and doing yoga. Mark lives with his spouse and a blended family of two sons, a daughter, a dog, cat & two snakes.

Mark serves both private pay clients and insurance clients through Headway (Cigna, Aetna, United)


Therapy, Ketamine

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