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Michelle Landon, LCSW, CAS

Michelle Landon, LCSW, CAS

Fort Collins


Practitioner Bio

Michelle has been in practice for 20 years. She has a warm and genuine style and takes a holistic approach to therapy by incorporating mind, body, spirit, family, and community. She is a certified EMDR level II practitioner, Certified Addiction Specialist, and KAP trained therapist. The modalities she most often utilizes in therapy is EMDR, parts work, somatic interventions, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, DBT, mindfulness, and client centered approaches. Michelle has done extensive training in EMDR and complex trauma, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, and addiction. She is also active in her own personal growth through therapy; mindfulness, spiritual and somatic practices; yoga, psychedelic therapy, and breathwork. Michelle believes in each of our own innate healing wisdom and holds a safe and sacred container that allows clients to connect with that part. When we heal ourselves we heal the world around us.


Trauma Work, Addictions, Therapy, Ketamine, Somatic Therapies

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