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Rob Colbert, MA, PhD, LPC

Rob Colbert, MA, PhD, LPC

Fort Collins

An Enduring Love

(970) 744-1531

Practitioner Bio

Dr. Rob Colbert offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and talk therapy for persons of all ages struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, psychological distress, and other problems in living. Dr. Rob supports you in learning new ways of choice through personal exploration, discovering life transitions and crises as opportunities for discovery and growth, and working through experiences of the past that may be emotionally charged or disturbing. He also is trained to work in collaboration with medical prescribers to support Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for recommended clients. He specializes in integrating “big state” experiences, whether related to psychedelics or other substances or intense life experiences. If you are a young adult, age 17-26, register with Open Path Collective to receive a sliding scale discount with Dr. Rob. Learn how to trust yourself and become the expert of your own experience. Real guidance, real strategies, and real connection in a non-judgmental space.


Therapy, Trauma Work, Ketamine

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