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Chuck Hancock, M.Ed, LPC, EMDR II

Chuck Hancock, M.Ed, LPC, EMDR II

Fort Collins

Inner Life Adventures, LLC

(970) 829-0478

Practitioner Bio

Chuck is a seasoned experiential therapist, ceremonialist, and guide working with all genders, relationship configurations, individuals and groups.For over 9 years, Chuck has been leading people into themselves with a variety of forms including Hakomi (mindfulness based, somatic psychotherapy), parts work, psychodrama, groups, wilderness based rites of passage, and as a clinical research co-therapist for the MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD program.

Chuck has trained with some of the most innovative western psychology leaders as well as grounded indigenous leaders and works best bridging the worlds of science and spirit. Chuck is available for coaching, ceremony, trauma therapy, nature based therapy, group facilitation, and integration and processing of psychedelic experiences.


Therapy, Non-western modality, Spirituality

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