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Danielle Wise, PhD

Danielle Wise, PhD


Wise Life Consulting

(303) 948-8311

Practitioner Bio

As a somatic depth psychotherapist, I engage various approaches when working with clients. Leading from traditional talk therapy, somatic therapy trusts our body holds wisdom, a unique language to express all we know and need. Depth processes open from a center of truth accessed through nature, dreams, images, storytelling, and more.

Psychedelic integration offers another way to engage personal understanding and perceiving something larger than our self. I understand the difficulties and exhilarations medicine can introduce, making it a key connection in navigating life in a new way.

Leading groups, workshops, and retreats since the 1990’s and in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2002, my commitment is to meet clients where their truth lies in their body, heart, soul, and mind. We are each seeking wholeness, reconciliation of past traumas and difficulties, and ways to ground into resilience from our experience, instinct, and intuition.


Therapy, Non-western modality, Ketamine, Trauma Work

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