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Lee Douglas Nadeau, LPC

Lee Douglas Nadeau, LPC

Fort Collins

Douglas Psychotherapy


Practitioner Bio

Come as you are. I will meet you there. My approach is compassionate, genuine and contemplative. My intention is to support you in connecting more deeply with the direct experience of yourself [body, heart, psyche, spirit], allowing you to further discover your personal truth, so that you may navigate life's inevitable ebbs and flows with more fearlessness and grace.

Emotional wounding, loss, trauma, and unhealthy relationships often create a sense of overwhelm, heaviness and prolonged anxiety that can feel never-ending -- over time, it's common to become increasingly detached, stagnant and feel like it's impossible to connect with others in an authentic and meaningful way. Change is possible and this modality of therapy can help lift the veil that’s been holding you back, allowing you to find more satisfaction and meaning in everyday life.

I am a somatic psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor [LPC] who specializes in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy [KAP], psychedelic integration and nature-based therapy. For the past 12 years, I have offered individual and group counseling services to adults, young adults and adolescents in a wide variety of contexts, domestically and abroad.  Prior to graduating from Naropa University with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy, I taught high school English and Algebra in Eastern North Carolina through Teach for America.

Here's what most people appreciate about my style:

I am present. When I listen, I try to do so with my whole body.

I will be 'real' with you. I'm there to support throughout the process, but ultimately it's your 'path to walk'.

I believe that the journey to personal sovereignty involves distinguishing the things that you have the power to control/change and the parts of yourself that don't need to be changed, but must embraced & accepted.

Please reach out for a free consultation to help us determine whether we’d be a good fit to work together!


Therapy, Ketamine, Trauma Work, Spirituality, Somatic Therapies

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