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Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT, RSMT

Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT, RSMT


(303) 736-9896

Practitioner Bio

Nicole Lilly provides holistic therapies for embodied healing and growth. With a decade of experience in healing arts, she offers experiential processes that invite clients into a felt-sense relationship with their body, compassionate curiosity in their heart, and deep inquiry into the subconscious landscape of their psyche. These processes are heightened in psychedelic experiences, and must be skillfully integrated in a similar manner.

As a trauma-trained Somatic Psychotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Nicole offers a powerful combination of hands-on therapies which emphasize embodiment and energetics for nervous system healing, healthy attachment, parts integration, and transpersonal wisdom.

Nicole offers Ketamine-Assisted Integrative Therapy with great results for symptoms of stress and trauma. In sessions, Nicole offers gentle bodywork to process held trauma and emotions, and as a grounding resource during psychedelic states. She also provides psychedelic integration, education, and counsel with a focus on psilocybin. Nicole is available for on-site services as well as group retreat facilitation and support locally and abroad.

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Trauma Work, Somatic Therapies, Ketamine, Spirituality, Non-western modality

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