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Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD

Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD

Fort Collins

An Enduring Love

(970) 818-8346

Practitioner Bio

Dr. Shannon Hughes offers spiritual life coaching to individuals, couples, and groups of all ages that are seeking to connect with broader perspective and life’s big questions. Dr. Shannon supports you in identifying and tapping into your own inner guidance system, with the goal of building a trusting partnership between you and your inner guidance. You have all the answers you are seeking. The journey we are on is one of discovering and ‘stepping into’ who you are becoming. Dr. Shannon connects you with a practical sense of spirituality, offering encouragement, validation, coaching, authenticity, and humor along the way. Dr. Shannon also offers preparation and integration for persons working with ketamine-assisted therapy, and psychosocial-spiritual support for persons coming off or considering coming off of prescribed psychiatric medications, such as antidepressants.


Spirituality, Non-western modality

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