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Shoshana Aal, PsyD

Shoshana Aal, PsyD


Watermark Counseling

(780) 514-9925

Practitioner Bio

Learn to Live with More Love

Do you work hard but find that you’re struggling? Try again and again but something in life keeps getting in the way? When nothing you do works it can feel like you’re stuck in an unending battle. In life we cannot control our world but we can learn to respond in helpful ways. Through insights and understanding, I provide therapy that allows you to achieve transformative growth and deeper, long lasting, connections.

Hello, my name is Dr. Shoshana Aal. By providing therapy based on internal curiosity and self acceptance I can show you how to find more of the joy that is already there waiting for you. I am a licensed psychologist that provides psychedelic integration therapy based around nonordinary states of consciousness such as psychedelic experiences. I provide therapy using mindfulness, self-awareness, internal exploration, and traditional therapy modalities like CBT and psychodynamic therapy.


Therapy, Ketamine, Trauma Work

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